Farmall® Series

9 Series, 30-140 Engine Horsepower: The tractors in the iconic Farmall line are durable, easy to use and versatile — there’s a Farmall to meet all of your operation’s demands.

Maxxum® Series

5 Models, 116-145 (Peak: 145-175) Engine Horsepower: Maxxum series tractors deliver the versatility and productivity your operation demands — from fieldwork to loader work.

Puma® Series

6 Models, 150-240 (Peak: 190-270) Engine Horsepower: The Puma series is an efficient, multipurpose tractor line designed with just the right size and power to handle a variety of tasks in your operation.

Optum™ Series

2 Models, 271-300 (Peak: 290-313) Engine Horsepower: A line of all-purpose tractors that delivers the horsepower needed for larger tillage tools and haulage, plus enough muscle for high-volume hay and forage operations.

Magnum™ Series

9 Models, 180 – 380 (Peak: 234 – 435) Engine Horsepower: Built to fit the way you farm. The Case IH Magnum™ Series tractors are the ultimate mix of industry-leading horsepower and fuel efficiency

Steiger® Series

Case IH Steiger® series tractors set industry records for fuel efficient power and deliver a proven record of performance and productivity.